Elephants Can't Jump Ltd

Contact: Mr Will Rees-Hooper

21 Little Portland Street

Tel: 0207 291 8000

Website: www.elephantscantjump.com

Email: ellie@elephantscantjump.com

About Elephants Can't Jump Ltd

Elephants Can’t Jump is a London based brand building agency dedicated to delivering marketplace impact.

We start chain reactions that lead to stronger, better-defined brands and world class innovation. To claim total credit for the results would be an exaggeration of the truth, but we started something that others were inspired enough to finish.

We are passionate about what we do and couldn’t think of anything more exciting than seeing products and services we have helped create out there in front of consumers and ahead of the competition.

Since our start in 2000, we have helped create maximum impact and breakthrough ideas for our clients across a range of industries from FMCG and retail to financial services, pharmaceuticals, communications and the public sector.

We have five main products that we offer

Footprint Brand Strategy, Stampede Innovation, Elephants Can't Jump Research, Mammoth Creative and 3 Step Training

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