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About Fishlabs Entertainment GmbH

Fishlabs is a world-leading developer of mobile games and proud winner of the renowned German Game Developer Award 2011 for “Best Studio”. Our success is not only based on our critically acclaimed own IPs such as Galaxy on Fire 2™, but also on our market leadership in the field of ad games respectively brand games, as we prefer to call them. In their development, brand messages are translated into game mechanics – a truly fascinating process! The list of our blue-chip clients includes not only the Volkswagen Group and its prestigious sports car brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Bugatti but also The Coca-Cola Company, Barclaycard, Montblanc and Mazda.

Our award-winning portfolio of brand games such as Waterslide Extreme or Sports Car Challenge has generated more than 60 million downloads and far more than 1 billion minutes of voluntary brand engagement – with every minute of playing time representing a display of affection for the brand behind the game.

Consequently, brand games are significantly more effective and far-reaching than traditional means of advertising. And this is also reflected in the national and international reception of our titles. In 2012, Sports Car Challenge has won three different awards on three different continents, namely the Digital Communication Award in Europe, the Best Cars Award in Asia and the Mobile Excellence Award in North-America. Right now, we cannot think of any other brand game with such an impressive selection of marketing awards under its belt.

Needless to say, we want to tie in with these successes in the future as well. Especially, since we are sure that our potential on the brand game market has by far not reached its peak yet.

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