Account Director – FMCG Branding Consultancy

World leading FMCG Branding Consultancy.

These people love to take on FMCG trained Brand Managers who are looking for ways of spreading their talent across a variety of challenges. We are looking for a visionary someone who gets branding on all levels.


An instinct for what works and what bombs! This is not about supporting mega successful brand names it is about finding ways of attacking these brand names head on! It is not a passive or complacent environment - it is about war! That is why you are going to be a bit different.

More talented than your peer group? Whilst they debate, you are always ready to act.

This FMCG Branding Consultancy is at the super professional end of the market and therefore attractive to Branding strategists and superstar`s who have got on to the Branding Consultancy ladder another way. The key is to work with the best on they are most exciting challenges. The greater the challenge the more you learn.

There is no stronger Consultancy team working in London today or support structure.

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