Senior Account Manager - Activation - Retail Brand Communications - London

This is a very unusual situation. This is a Branding Consultancy who has been asked by top FTSE 100 clients to extend their role as Trends Insights Innovation Guru`s to include the strategy to launch new products coming on to the shelves. This is therefore a great opportunity for someone really clever in Activation to work up stream strategy wise.

This top Branding Consultancy meticulously plans the out come in a way that these clients have not been used to. If you are strategic and believe that you are not receiving the recognition for the contribution you make or getting any appreciation for what you then is time to look for greener pastures. These pastures are lush!

The earnings potential in this particular "green pasture" is enormous.

This is a £10m branding and design agency group with its Retail Activation arm.

We are therefore looking for a top person in store Shopper Marketing and Retail Brand Communications.

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